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How Healing Waves helped us

I genuinely feel that Healing Waves opened up to us what was impossible before – a fun afternoon as a family on the beach. I never would have dreamt that my children who have autism would have even set eyes on a surfboard, let alone have a go. But the team at Healing Waves have supported them so beautifully, with kindness and a true respect for them as individuals, that now I can’t get them out of the water! They feel so free and can be themselves while we enjoy watching them from the shoreline, and we treasure that. I can honestly say there is no other activity or support that we receive that benefits not only the children but us as a whole family than the wonderful souls that make up the Healing Waves team. We can’t praise you enough. And we thank you for all that you do. X

Emma Sherwood

Water Baby Ella

Our daughter Ella has learning difficulties coupled with restrictive movement.
However from a very young age we involved her in lots of activities particularly swimming/belly boarding with her siblings in the surf at St Ouen and afterwards enjoying the obligatory bacon role. She has no fear of the water and has relished being taught to surf by the brilliant staff at Healing Waves. She also experienced the ‘flow rider’ at the Merton Hotel and to our amazement she was fearless and loved it.
The work H.W are doing is wonderful and we would recommend parents to give their children these unique opportunities which will improve their abilities in the water and all round self confidence and esteem.
Keep it going Healing Waves

Neville & Donna Davidson

Healing Waves

I had my first healing waves session last summer. I was really anxious and had not been in the sea for many years after a bad experience put me of and made me scared of the ocean. The staff were incredible though and made me feel safe. They were calm, patient and understanding of my needs. I had an amazing session and I enjoyed it so much that since then I have signed up and done more sessions both on the beach and at the Flow Rider sessions at the Merton in the winter. I have realised from doing the healing waves sessions how much I do like being in the water and how much it is a positive sensory experience for me, which is great because I am often overwhelmed by sensory input. After a Healing Waves session I always come away happy and look forward to the next time I can do a session. Healing Waves is a fantastic charity and really does make the sea/water activities an accessible place no matter what your needs are. They have helped me lots and made the sea/water feel like a safer place for me again that is to be enjoyed and not be scared of.

Lise (Alicia)

Amazing Healing Waves

Our son Jack had his first healing waves session when he had just turned 5 years old not long after we received his diagnosis that he was on the autistic spectrum.

Both of us had never surfed so didn’t really know what to expect & we were blown away by the set up, the additional assistance by the volunteers & Jack’s response to the experience especially being so young.

Jack has done a few sessions down La Braye with the guys & has also done a couple of flowrider session too. He loves the sessions, he is smiling throughout & responds well to all involved, it’s such a joy to watch.

We have loved getting to know Max, Sean & Dom, what amazing guys for doing what they do, we are eternally grateful.

Jack can’t wait for the summer & is looking forward to seeing you down La Braye!!!

Michelle & Chris Carter

The volunteers are all great, experienced surfers and very patient.

Jack has always enjoyed the water and swimming. However, over the past couple of years he had shied away from going in the sea. This all changed when Jack was invited to try surfing with Healing Waves; he took the experience with great enthusiasm.

The volunteers are all great, experienced surfers and very patient. Watching all of the ‘potential’ surfers taking to the water was such a happy experience. It just shows what can be achieved with patience and encouragement. As a mum it was so good to know that Jack was completely safe, as he has had to be collected in the past by the lifeguards when venturing out too far on his body board.

Jack then went on to try the Flow Rider at the Merton Hotel. Jack managed to stand and stay up! It was brilliant and so much fun. Jack cannot wait to take to the water again with Healing Waves when the weather and water warm up a little, Thanks guys!


We are lucky that Jersey has these guys here!

One of my children is a teenage boy who severely suffers with anxiety in social situations. Due to this, in recent years it has unfortunately resulted in him spending all of his free time indoors, with only his family. The majority of this time is on his own spent in his bedroom, not wanting to mix with others or having any time enjoying himself doing outdoor activities.

As a young boy he loved going to the beach and swimming in the sea, the only time recently he would feel comfortable and happy leaving the house to do something was when I would take him to the beach in the summer evenings at high tide, (when it was empty) to go for a swim. I too am a strong believer in the benefits purely just by being in the sea has, I have seen this for myself with him.

When we got the date for the first session, of course my son was worried and apprehensive. However, as soon as he met everyone he automatically relaxed. The team were extremely friendly and very approachable. When he was in the water he had the hugest smile and I could see for the first time in a long time my child outside, actually enjoying himself and having fun! It is hard to put into words how happy as a mum this made me feel.

After it ended I’m not ashamed to say I had to try really hard and hold back the tears, as it meant so much for him to have had this experience with them. He enjoyed it so much that his own words were that “I didn’t want it to end, when can I next come?”

When I first heard about Healing Waves, to say I was extremely eager for it to begin is an understatement. I thought this might be the one activity after exhausting a list of others, that he may go to and actually enjoy and feel comfortable.

The approach and professionalism from the guys from start to finish is amazing; sending through personal profiles so he could read up on whom he’d be meeting, all of which made it easier for him. They also asked for an overview about him, so they were prepared for the first session without having to ask questions in his presence.

He had another session with them on the beach before the end of the season and enjoyed it equally as much; along with attending a session at the Merton on the Flow Rider just before Christmas. As an entire family we are extremely grateful to Healing Waves, if it was not for them he would have spent his entire summer holidays indoors without having done any outdoor activities he enjoyed.

I whole-heartedly praise them for setting up this charity, the time and effort that they give voluntarily along with all their helpers and hope that they can appreciate how thankful we are to them all. We are lucky that Jersey has these guys here, reaching out and doing what they do for so many people in the short time they’ve been going.

Thank you!


A huge thank you to Healing Waves!

It was such a perfect end to our summer to have an afternoon of surfing. The change in my son from an introvert into someone wanting and willing to join in activities with others, has been greatly helped by the incredible founders and volunteers of Healing Waves. This began when he had his first surfing session at St Ouen, he was absolutely thrilled, a different boy, confident and smiling.

During the colder months activities have been continued at the Merton on the Flow Rider. Healing Waves has made such a difference to so many youngsters who want to join in with their peers, but find it really difficult. I cannot thank the incredible team enough for their patience, understanding and encouragement. They are all brilliant people who are so happy to offer their endless time, support and always with a smile. I am so grateful to them for giving my son the chance to enjoy the sea and some of the activities others take for granted.

My son is not the only one to have benefited from Healing Waves. Both his sister and I have also thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow parents and siblings in a very relaxed environment. Cups of tea and biscuits are always plentiful, with volunteers always on hand to introduce new faces into the fold. The team put so much thought into organising different and appropriate activities, taking the time to group like minded children together; so as everyone enjoys themselves to the max. It truly is a joy to watch a sometimes quiet, reserved child come out of themselves with such confidence and shine!

Well done Healing Waves! Many, many thanks from all the children, parents and carers who I know feel the same as I do. We are all so lucky to have benefited from your incredible charity and be a part of the ever-growing community you are creating.

Roll on the summer, looking forward to more. THANK YOU!!!

Mother's thanks