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Our Mission

Transforming Lives, One
Wave at a Time

We work to challenge the preconceived notions of capability, enabling all to engage in activities that affirm, quite simply, that every person can achieve. Parents and guardians are frequently told what their loved ones can’t do. Here at Healing Waves it’s all about celebrating what they CAN.

Healing Waves Staff with Athletes
Children surfing and laughing in the sea.
Healing Waves harnesses the ocean’s transformative powers, to deliver free of charge life-changing ocean therapy.
Our services are for individuals living with disabilities, conditions and mental health struggles and have become a form of additional support and respite for over 500 families.

We constantly strive to enhance our programs, strengthen our community and provide access for more people in need each year, while remaining true to our core values.

Our award-winning services empower individuals, giving them a feeling of pride and accomplishment, as they unlock their inner athlete through the emotional and transformative experience of surfing and other water sports.

Why We Believe In Ocean Therapy

We want to better the lives of others and give them the opportunity for new meaningful experiences they might not otherwise have. Healing Waves has recognised a need and has formed an extremely valued community built upon a foundation of understanding, celebration and acceptance.

We acknowledge that it feels good to be in, on, under or simply around the water. Not only can it reduce our anxieties and stress, helping us to find some perspective on life, but it is continually being proven to ease symptoms and pain for some of our most vulnerable. The ocean can boost creativity, settle us and help us to reconnect with Mother Nature and those we share it with.

We hope that everyone accessing our service has a unique and valuable experience and that each individual will leave feeling more empowered, relaxed and confident in their own abilities, transferring this into their everyday lives. Feedback we have received confirms this, with Athletes displaying more confidence at home, work and at school.

Through our approach, understanding, experience and specialist equipment we can offer a valuable experience to our athletes and their families

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Our Team

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We consider ourselves one big family and Healing Waves is blessed to have a dedicated and highly experienced team, who either work in the care sector, live and breathe a lifestyle of water sports, or both!

Our Surf Centre

A world class facility to complement our life-changing services, built upon an ethos of compassion, equality, respect, patience and love for one another.

All are friendly, approachable and passionate about helping others and bettering the lives of anyone accessing our service.

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