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It was such a perfect end to our summer to have an afternoon of surfing. The change in my son from an introvert into someone wanting and willing to join in activities with others, has been greatly helped by the incredible founders and volunteers of Healing Waves. This began when he had his first surfing session at St Ouen, he was absolutely thrilled, a different boy, confident and smiling.

During the colder months activities have been continued at the Merton on the Flow Rider. Healing Waves has made such a difference to so many youngsters who want to join in with their peers, but find it really difficult. I cannot thank the incredible team enough for their patience, understanding and encouragement. They are all brilliant people who are so happy to offer their endless time, support and always with a smile. I am so grateful to them for giving my son the chance to enjoy the sea and some of the activities others take for granted.

My son is not the only one to have benefited from Healing Waves. Both his sister and I have also thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow parents and siblings in a very relaxed environment. Cups of tea and biscuits are always plentiful, with volunteers always on hand to introduce new faces into the fold. The team put so much thought into organising different and appropriate activities, taking the time to group like minded children together; so as everyone enjoys themselves to the max. It truly is a joy to watch a sometimes quiet, reserved child come out of themselves with such confidence and shine!

Well done Healing Waves! Many, many thanks from all the children, parents and carers who I know feel the same as I do. We are all so lucky to have benefited from your incredible charity and be a part of the ever-growing community you are creating.

Roll on the summer, looking forward to more. THANK YOU!!!

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