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After being notified that we have been nominated for the prestigious Aloha Awards in 2024! What is this award we hear you cry?!

Well… “The purpose of the Aloha Award is to recognize exceptional individuals in our global surfing and ocean sports communities who are ambassadors of the Aloha Spirit. These are individuals who, in addition to cultivating and sharing their joy of surfing or other ocean sports with others, are making meaningful contributions to the well-being of their communities.”

Here is a link to their website:

We have spent the last week reading all about the amazing impact previous winners and runner ups have made in their local communities all over the world. To be considered amongst these superhero individuals and have our names in front of them is one of the highest honours.

As you all know, over the last seven years we’ve been doing our little bit here in the Channel Islands to help our local communities, who we hold so closely to our hearts. From borrowed wetsuits and borrowed boards, to a year round service and a world class surf therapy centre.

We’ve certainly done a lot during these years to break stigma, change perceptions of what is possible and ultimately make the ocean an inclusive place for all. The love and support from you along the way has been second to none, thank you! To be receiving global recognition, takes our breath away.

As a year round service our focus and energy has always been prioritised towards our Athletes and their families, ensuring we continue offering the highest quality experiences. Alas, we have never had the opportunity to attend ISTO or properly rub shoulders with the other leaders in our field…Could this be our chance?! Time will tell, so for now please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us and hold those shakas up high Healing Waves family.

In celebration here is a pic of just a few amazing humans who have helped us get to where we are today!

Aloha to you all. 

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