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One of my children is a teenage boy who severely suffers with anxiety in social situations. Due to this, in recent years it has unfortunately resulted in him spending all of his free time indoors, with only his family. The majority of this time is on his own spent in his bedroom, not wanting to mix with others or having any time enjoying himself doing outdoor activities.

As a young boy he loved going to the beach and swimming in the sea, the only time recently he would feel comfortable and happy leaving the house to do something was when I would take him to the beach in the summer evenings at high tide, (when it was empty) to go for a swim. I too am a strong believer in the benefits purely just by being in the sea has, I have seen this for myself with him.

When we got the date for the first session, of course my son was worried and apprehensive. However, as soon as he met everyone he automatically relaxed. The team were extremely friendly and very approachable. When he was in the water he had the hugest smile and I could see for the first time in a long time my child outside, actually enjoying himself and having fun! It is hard to put into words how happy as a mum this made me feel.

After it ended I’m not ashamed to say I had to try really hard and hold back the tears, as it meant so much for him to have had this experience with them. He enjoyed it so much that his own words were that “I didn’t want it to end, when can I next come?”

When I first heard about Healing Waves, to say I was extremely eager for it to begin is an understatement. I thought this might be the one activity after exhausting a list of others, that he may go to and actually enjoy and feel comfortable.

The approach and professionalism from the guys from start to finish is amazing; sending through personal profiles so he could read up on whom he’d be meeting, all of which made it easier for him. They also asked for an overview about him, so they were prepared for the first session without having to ask questions in his presence.

He had another session with them on the beach before the end of the season and enjoyed it equally as much; along with attending a session at the Merton on the Flow Rider just before Christmas. As an entire family we are extremely grateful to Healing Waves, if it was not for them he would have spent his entire summer holidays indoors without having done any outdoor activities he enjoyed.

I whole-heartedly praise them for setting up this charity, the time and effort that they give voluntarily along with all their helpers and hope that they can appreciate how thankful we are to them all. We are lucky that Jersey has these guys here, reaching out and doing what they do for so many people in the short time they’ve been going.

Thank you!

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