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Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Healing Waves runs both 1:1 and group paddleboard sessions. We decided to run these sessions, as we felt the tranquillity of paddle boarding would bring a complementary and alternative opportunity for our Athletes.

Group sessions predominantly take place at our weekend events that happen once or twice each month between May and Oct. These events run on both Saturdays and Sundays with two sessions of 5 Athletes in each session making a total of 20 Athletes over the weekend.

In the same way as our surf sessions, 1:1 paddle sessions are typically held for those Athletes who find a group setting overwhelming and who require a lower key and more bespoke approach. As with our surf sessions, one or two appropriately trained and experienced Volunteers are required to facilitate these sessions as some Athletes who require this level of intervention.

Paddle sessions run for 1 hour in total.  They consist of 15 mins on the beach running through paddle techniques and warming up, followed by up to 45 mins in the water.

Our paddle sessions are held from most beaches with slipway access but typically run from St. Brelade’s, depending on weather and tide conditions.  We meet on the beach closest to the pier and church, so please look out for the Healing Waves flag and our Volunteers.  If for some reason you cannot find us, please call one of us on the number you will have been given.

Your session location and time will be stated in your welcome email, however we ask that you arrive at least 20 mins early to allow time for signing in, getting changed and meeting your Volunteers.

We will have a Healing Waves Volunteer or a safe place on dry land to look after/store bags and possessions.

We suggest that you bring some sun cream, a small snack and a bottle of water for after your session.  You will also need a towel and dry clothes. We do have towels but these are limited.  All equipment including wetsuits will be provided by Healing Waves, however if you desire to bring your own that is fine by us!.

Prior to your session we will send over the Volunteer profile that you or your loved one will be paired with.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Volunteer provided, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will look to make alternative arrangements if required.

Signing In and Out – Athletes under the age of 18 will need a Parent/Guardian to sign them in and out of their session. All records of Signing In & Out will be made available at any time to view by those it may concern.  We kindly ask that parents/guardians stay in the area, but if you do have to leave, please be back on time at the end of the session to sign your child out.

Changes in Weather or Swell Conditions – Unfortunately, we cannot predict changes in the weather or swell conditions. If the weather and/or sea become unfit to paddle in, we may end sessions immediately. Because of this, we suggest that parents/guardians remain close by and be ready to sign their child out of their session if necessary.  We will aim to have some beach games available to play if this is the case.

Please note that we do not currently transport our Athletes to and from sessions.

Getting Ready at Home – If you are using your own wetsuit, you might like to put it on at home to save time.  We suggest that all service users apply sun cream before arriving at the beach and getting in the water.  The sun’s rays can still be harmful even when it is cloudy.  Having a light snack an hour before your session will also keep those energy levels up!

In addition to all Athletes being paired on at least a 1:1 ratio with appropriately trained Volunteers, the RNLI Beach Lifeguards keep a special eye on our sessions. We have extra Volunteer ‘catchers’ on the beach/around the water as additional eyes and ears, and a number of our own Volunteers who hold beach lifeguarding qualifications are often present at these sessions.

The safety and wellbeing of our Athletes and Volunteers is of paramount importance.

Healing Waves provide life jackets for all paddle sessions (they are a mandatory requirement) .  We do ask that all Athletes listen to the advice and instructions given to them by their Volunteer and conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times.  Unfortunately, any Athletes deemed to be putting themself, their volunteer(s) or other Athletes in danger will be asked to exit the water and return to the beach immediately. Volunteers will remain with their Athlete should this be necessary.


All paddle sessions have a designated safety person who typically joins us in a sea kayak. A safety bag containing rescue me locators, a mobile phone, flares, first aid kits, water, snacks and other useful tools for emergency situations is also brought along for the paddle.


Athletes and Volunteers are instructed to hug the coastline throughout the session to avoid currents and deeper open water.  Sessions are timed by Volunteers to reduce the likelihood of hyperthermia, heat stroke etc and a team member remains on dry land to raise the alarm if a team does not return on time.

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