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Healing Waves FlowRider sessions are run in the winter months from Oct – April at the Merton Aquadome when the ocean temperatures and conditions are less favourable. Healing Waves runs both 1:1 and group FlowRider sessions. Group sessions are typically held every other week on a Saturday or Sunday with 1:1 FlowRider sessions taking place in the week for those Athletes who find a group setting overwhelming and who require a lower key and more bespoke approach.

We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to fill out waivers, medical records and declarations.  These are required for Merton and Healing Waves records.  The 20 minutes also allows sufficient time for sign-in/handover and to get into wetsuits!

Your first sessions will always start with a safety briefing run by the Healing Waves team.  We talk you through how to fall, the do’s and don’ts and everything else you will need to know for your experience.

Changing facilities, lockers and the swimming pool are available for use by all, and on weekend events we seek to hold sensory play in the pool for Athletes in between their turns on the FlowRider machine.

Healing Waves will provide all Athletes with wetsuits, rash vests and buoyancy aids (if required), however if you desire to bring your own that is fine by us!

Securing sponsorship from The Merton Hotel Aquadome means that Healing Waves can now run FlowRider sessions for Athletes throughout the winter months when the ocean is too cold and un-lifeguarded.

We encourage parents and guardians to stay and watch their loved ones for the duration of the session.  Single 1-1 sessions last roughly for one hour and group sessions for two hours total.  There is a warm indoor viewing area with seats and a café for food and drinks, it’s also a great time to socialise and get to know other Parents and Guardians.

Please note that for any Athlete of 8 and under wishing to access the swimming pool will require a parent/guardian to access the pool with them.  Healing Waves does seek to have extra Volunteers to run sensory play in the pool with Athletes during group events but this is not always feasible.

The FlowRider itself is basically a big trampoline mat with jets pushing water over it to create a wave.  The water is powerful and individuals will more than likely fall over/wipe out, but this is all part of the experience!  We recommend that individuals are prepared for this and don’t mind the ‘rough and tumble’ nature of the activity.  We understand that this activity is not always suitable for everyone.  If an Athlete does not like the experience or gets too cold, not to worry!  They are more than welcome to have a dip in the swimming pools as lifeguards will be on duty.

The safety and wellbeing of our Athletes and volunteers is of paramount importance.

There are a number of safety rules that come with this activity as listed below:

  • No more than one rider at a time.


  • To ride you must be at least 42 inches in height and be in good health.


  • Disclaimers and waivers must be completed before the activity and blue copies given back to the front desk and/or Healing Waves staff.


  • Riders must not stand on body boards


  • Never slide down the side of the FlowRider or climb on and over the walls.
  • Please do not lean on or drag the boards as this damages them.


  • Do not stack the boards on top of each other and ride them.


  • Do not allow boards to slide down the side of the FlowRider without someone at the bottom to catch them.


  • Never walk up the mat (especially when the wave is on in front of the jets).


  • Please don’t leave the wetsuit in a mess.

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