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Who is it aimed at?

We offer surf, paddle and flow rider based Ocean Therapy, to those living with conditions and/or disabilities of both physical and neurological of ideally 4 years and above. We have specialist training on the books for next season so we can support more individuals with more sever physical disabilities in the water too.

How much?

Healing Waves is a Non Profit Organisation and our service does not cost anything to access. We run through donations, grants and fundraisers, any money raised goes straight back in to the charity to fund equipment, boards, wetsuits, fundraising events, training and specialist water crafts.

How sessions work?

Each service user will be paired with a Volunteer on at least a 1:1 ratio (2:1 when we can). The Primary Volunteer that service users are paired with will have experience working in care.


Sessions will run for 1 hour total. This includes 15mins on the beach warming up, followed by up to 45mins in the water.  We will supply all boards and wetsuits so don’t worry about not having your own.  If you would like to bring your own this is equally fine, however please be aware we only use foam boards to prevent a higher risk of injury.

Is it safe?

We strongly advocate positive risk taking for all individuals despite their disabilites or conditions. Just because an individual may have certain barriers, this does not mean that they should not be able to part-take in activities like everyone else. Yes, all water based sports carry a certain level of risk, but we do everything within our power to ensure the safety of all our service users.


Alongside service users being paired with Volunteers on a 1:1/2:1 ratio, we also have the RNLI Lifeguards keeping a special eye on all of our sessions.  Healing Waves is fully insured and we have completed risk assessments to assure the safety of our sessions as well as extra Volunteers as eyes and ears on beach.  All service users will sign in and out of their sessions and the care of their volunteers at the beginning and end of each session.  We will also supply life jackets if these are required.

When are the next sessions being held?

Our next sessions are running from the May – September 2018.  This is so the water is at its warmest.  We do have some plans in place for the winter months, so keep an eye on our Facebook and social media pages to find out more.  Anyone who is interested should get in touch and reserve a spot as they fill up quickly!

How do I book?

To do this, please go to that Services or Contact Us page. We will then send you the documents required for completion and submission prior to your session (Athlete Info Form & Waiver).  This is so we can learn all about you, match you with a Volunteer(s) and pick a suitable group.  Athletes will then be sent an information email and volunteer profiles prior to session so you know what to expect.

Will myself or loved one be rejected?

We at Healing Waves try our upmost to accommodate everyone and will do everything within our power to make your session possible. In the rare circumstance that we cannot accommodate, we will look to find a way so that we can in future. *Please note* We are yet to turn anyone away, so please be honest as possible in your athlete information forms. This helps us support our athlete’s needs to the best of our abilities.

Will our information be kept confidential?

Yes, all of our service users and volunteer information is kept completely confidential and stored via the correct means (in line data protection laws and legislation).  If you decide that you do not wish to access our service again, please notify us and we can either return your documentation to you, or arrange for this to be destroyed in a secure and appropriate fashion.

I want to become a Healing Waves volunteer?

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer should contact us and a volunteer form will then be sent for completion.  We also recommend attaching a cover letter to support your application.


We carefully select our volunteers and do ask that anyone applying, ideally has some experience in the care sector. However, this is not mandatory for the right applicants.  All aspiring Volunteers must be willing to undergo a enhanced DBS check (Police Check) and training.

How do I get in touch?

To speak with one of us directly you should either: Message us directly via our Facebook page, or go to the contact us section of this website.

I would like to donate?

For all online donations, please either: Click the donation button on this websites OR the big blue donate button on our Facebook.


You can equally send cheques in the post to the address specified on the contact us page of this website.